Date Convertor
(Convert Gregorian Date to Islamic Date)

Khulfa e Rasheedin
(The Rightly Guided Calipah)

Sahaaba e Rasool
(Companion of Prophet Muhammed pubh)

Four Imam
(The Four Great Imam)



Informative Resources and Links

The History and Structural Design of Kabaa.
Great site which allows search by keyword of the Holy Quran. Plus tafsir, weekly articles, and a daily Ayah and Hadith sent my email.

Understanding Islam
The Religion of Peace and Brotherhood.

One of the five pillar of Islam, Its compulsory for every financial sound muslim to perform hajj once in his life time.

City of Prophet Muhammed (P.B.U.H).
Nicely organized site with many articles updated regularly.

Namaz (Salah)
What is Namaz, Daily Namaz, Friday & Eid Namaz.

Islam - Question and Answers
Get answers to yours questions in the context of Quran and Hadith.

Different types of Durood-e-Shareef.

Indian Haj Committee
The Official Web Site of Indian Hajj Committee. Informative resources and proceduers for the people willing to perform Hajj through India.

Articles and Literature about Islams

Importance and Significance of Ramadan.

It is a Fact.

Hadith Database
Find the Hadith from different Hadith Books.

It is Truth
Some of the Scientific aspects which is already discribe in the Holy book of Quraan.

Prayer Timing
Know the details of the prayers timings at the different geographical areas.
Nicely organize site with informatiive resources about islam.

Holy Places
Some of the Holy Places of Muslims

Bibliography of Prophet Muhammed (P.B.U.H)

Islamic News
News Covering about the Islam in the different region of the world.

Masjid around World
Some of the wellknown Masjid around World.

Understand what Sufisim is, and what does it say about.

Five Pillars of Islam
Five Basic Pillars of Islam.

Islamic Months
Twelve Months of Islamic, Its Significance and importance Events.

Ummah Resource Center
One of the Informative islamic Web Site.

Islamic Sites
Some of the well known Islamic sites.

False Islamic sites
Beware of these sites were made by the Israelis (the Jews) who Intentionally propagate the wrong information about The Quran, Hadith and Islam.

Others Links
More Islamic Sites.

99 Names of Allah                                             99 Names of Prophet Muhammed(Pubh)

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